Posted by: Arielle Jakobs | August 23, 2010

My muses

Any fun male in general is a muse i can take on, they make me think up new stuff, give me inspiration and such, but as of late, two new models of an unfamiliarly inspiring muse have presented themselves in the form of silent entertainers. These beings: Fantastikals at the Renaissance Faire. I’ve been there a lot as of late, and I must say, these people are incredible! The place is too, but the people bring the spirit to the atmosphere. I feel most at ease and in my element there in the open spaces between the grass and trees and small wooden/stone buildings. And the fanciful faeries that prance and parade around are helping a lot!

Not that the muses I’ve taken notice of most are “prance”-ers or “fanciful” at all but they’re amazing none the less.

This is a lovely troll who i’ve gotten the extreme privelage to briefly meet out of costume, called Argyle:

And this is the picture perfect puck who will be featured in an upcoming story:

I picked a picture of him what didnt really show his face since i’m using him in a story, and i dont want the people who read the story to read this, and see the real him, as apposed to the face they see in their heads. I’m really not interested in getting comments that say “thats not how i pictured him at all” and “meh meh meh, you described him all wrong!” lol so, this is good enough 😛

Can’t wait to show you all the final product of all this inspiration! 😀 And i hope you enjoy it when I do

love, Arielle ❤

Posted by: Arielle Jakobs | August 13, 2010


I’ve gotten a bit of inspiration over the last week or so, and I will be writing a few more stories that will eventually be compiled into something roughly with the name ‘A Series of Meetings’ This name may obviously change and what not, but for now, thats what it is. Basically it will be about the ways romantic interests meet. At carnivals, in mosh pits, an unfortunate crash, school, stuff like that :] I’m very thrilled about it actually, so as i begin writing the first installment to this site entitled “Carnies” I look forward to seeing possible comments on it and the ones following it 😀

just an update, hope all is well.


Posted by: Arielle Jakobs | August 6, 2010


Sorry for delays if anyone happens to be interested in my stories and is/was/has been waiting for an update either on my mental health status or a new story, I have both for you! My health has indeed improved quite a bit, I’ve also obtained two jobs and a man-friend haha not yet boyfriend, but I talk about him in my other blog 😛

Anyways! I have a story I wrote a while ago, so i’m gonna post it because I’ve been on another Alice in Wonderland kick and thats where this story spawned from. :]

Posted by: Arielle Jakobs | July 5, 2010


Running through another bipolar-ish episode. On Hiatus. Be back in a week or two? hell maybe even tomorrow. Unless I still think I should give up hope and dreams and everything when I come out of this.

Posted by: Arielle Jakobs | June 28, 2010


I feel a bit silly having so many stories I could be posting right about now, yet I look at them and feel compelled not to put it on because of other people’s opinions and la-di-da-di. I should just put it out there! I need the critic’s opinions! You know what!? I’m gonna do it! I have to! So here it goes I guess. The next post I make will be a post-appocalyptic story I wrote months ago. I can’t remember if it’s the edited version or not, but I’ll post anyways. Sorry for the spelling and gramatical errors, I’m too lazy to read through and check it right now! Hope you like it. :]

Posted by: Arielle Jakobs | June 23, 2010

Hello World!

There’s a song that we’re singing, C’mon get happy!! Haha, Partridge Family 😛

Alright. So they tell me that this is my first post, yippee! First post in a new blog! Woot! Well, the premise of this blog is to show off my outstanding written works of art, and prove to the world that I’m an astronaut of literature! well.. Sort of. My skill in writing only goes so far. Unlike my other blog, for those of you who know about it, I won’t be whining about my life so much in this one, and I will be focused on my writing talents, and try to improve them. This is step two in the process of accomplishing my ultimate goal. First was to document the things I need to remember (see blog one). Second is to show people what I consider myself to be moderately good at. Well… Enough chitter. Happy blogging to everyone, and a big howdy-do!

I’m Arielle Jakobs, and I hope you like what you read from me. :]